Amp recomemdation for Wilson W/P 7

I'm currently driving WA WP3/2's with Audio Note Ankorus'. These are 75W Parallel Singal End Monos designed by Andy Grove. I think these will work, but I do want to get your opions on best amp set ups. If there are any WA WP 7 ownwers out there please give me your opinions.

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I have heard that the Wilsons which need good tube electronics sound amazing withe the Cat jl-2 which is much more dynamic and faster that the audio note,
though as is often the case, slightly less sweetness in the mids. The bass is just killer, and better thn most solid state amps at any price. These speakers are an audiophile component, but with an amp like this they can be musical as well...I know of a few available and in grat condition but you have to be sure it is what you want. Borrow an amp, or bring your speakers to a place where one exists,
you will LOVE IT!!!!

good luck