Amp/ receiver advice for Spendor SP2/3's

I need some basic advice about what to look for in a receiver to "adequately", or "properly" power these speakers. The room is ~25'x15'x9'....and I listen to a great variety of music...cuban "folk", celtic, jazz, rock -though nothing screaming.
Much technical advice I read is a bit over my head...but I'm learning. I realize that "adequately" & "properly" may be too subjective. Would a Yamaha RX-596 do the job ? Should I look for something else ? many thanks
I would forget the receiver idea, these speakers are worthy of far better electronics, the better the source, the better the electronics the MUCH better these will sound. I mean yes a reciever will play them but not to their potential.
15 to 20 quality tube watts will power your speakers fine. I used an Audio Note SOR (17 single ended watts) and it worked very well. A quality 300b push/pull such as the Sun monoblocks or a custom design would serve you well. If you want a custom amplifier made that will fulfill your needs with custom transformers and only the best parts please contact 3D Audio at 925-408-1522. Alex, the engineer, will be happy to discuss you needs and make suggestions as well as give you an idea of pricing.
I bought a "British Fidelity" amp which works very nicely for my Spendors. Bought used from a dealer who told me that when Spendors were first brought into the US, they were demonstrated with Britiswh Fidelity amps. I have learned nothing else about the BF amps, but I do like it. I'm curious about a tube amp though. Stephen
Look into the Marantz PM7200 integrated amp. It has 95 watts per channel. You cannot do better for the money [$500]. [Huge Caveat: I am biased because I sell these amps. But counterpoint: I sell Plinius and TacT and Creek, but they are expensive. I have been looking for reasonably priced electronics to drive the Spendor speakers that I sell and I have not found anything better than this Marantz amp.] Write me directly if you want to know more.

I had a Golden Tube SE40 amp with my first pair of 2/3s and it was a wonderful combo (but requires a preamp as well; I would not recommend the GT preamp). GT is long out of business, however, and it is widely reported that their products had reliablity problems, though I didn't in the year I owned one. Also, for tubes, the ASL products seem excellent buys for the $$; I have heard several of their integrateds with various Spendors and preferred ASL to Jolida. For SS, a used Roksan Caspian would be a great combo IMO.

I have used Spendor's since the 70s and would second the "No Receiver" resolution. The British Fidelity amps were very good with Spendors , I use to sell both. British Fidelity was a name used in the US by Musical Fidelity during a period in which that name was trademarked in the US by another company. Their products are , of course , still on the market and are excellent but they have gone up market. Since I do not know your budget I cannot comment but would suggest that a good used tran. amp would probably be better for your current needs than a tube unit.