Amp reccomendation........with a weight limit??

So I'm trying to buy a decent sounding amp that will go well with my BG corp radia Z-92 towers and Z-62 center.

the only twist....unfortunately I have a weight limit of 80 pounds per package..... which was leading me to side more with monoblocks since a good majority of the decent stereo amps goes into the triple digits.....

oh, and i don't own a preamp or cd player yet since i'm kind of reverse engineering this, the speakers and amps being the heaviest components and all....

any reccomendations are welcome :)
Bryston 4B-SST2 is 60 pounds shipped. A pair of 7B-SST2 are the same but two packages.
Bryston now sounds pretty fine.
I had a Forte' 4a prior to the new Bryston, and the Bryston is better than that Forte'.
Shocking to see somebody out there with these speakers! I also have the Z92's, I'm sort of biased to tube amps as I really don't have any interest in solid state any more. You could check some integrated amps from Grant Fidelity, ASL,Jolida the JD1000 is a 100wpc amp that ways about 65lbs or so, nice punchy amp. Cary also has a nice 75watt integrated maybe 50lbs? I have the big Jolida 200watt mono amps that work great with mine but they may be a bit of overkill. There is also the ARC REF 110 but I think that may be closer to 80lbs also not exactly a cheap alternative but does work great with these speakers. I've heard the Z92's form as little as 11watt Quads to 200watt monoblocks the speakers are fairly efficient so these amps will sound great and tubes to me really make them sound their best.

Hopes this helps!