Amp Problem

Has anyone had a problem with their amp related to static elecricity? Anyone had their amp shut done because of this?
No amp problems here, but do have some turntable issues due to static charges, which can even cause blown-up semiconductors in severe cases. Sounds like the protection circuits in your amp are working well, which is reassuring. If your equipment faults when you walk up to it & touch something, you can first touch a grounded surface (perhaps the rack?) to discharge your body before handling anything else.
Yes, I have blown a couple fuses in the past. Do as Bob suggests, touch something (ground yourself) before touching your equipment.

I've never had any problems with static on anything, but i would think that digital gear would be most susceptable.

You might want to think about adding a "ground reference" to your rack. You can simply run a 14 - 16 gauge wire from a strip of metal that you attach on the rack ( or anything else that you choose to use as your ground ) to the wall outlet screw. Touch this prior to touching any of your components and you should be fine. Once you get in the habit of doing this, you'll not think twice about it as it just becomes habit. Sean
in this issue the primary source gear is the key source.
If it's digital separates than the problem is in the transport. If it's analogue than the problem is in the turntable.

also checking the proper ground connection in your AC outlet should also be done. if there is none make sure you arange the ground lead to the outlet.
I have had problems with static on a pre-amp. A friend had problems with static on a CD player.