Amp/Pro suggestion - B&W N802/HTM1 rotel/outlaw?

I'm in the process of expanding my 2 channel setup to HT. I've been powering my N802s with classe's new integrated amp - CAP 2100. I plan on using the CAP 2100's amps to power my front channels in HT also (via ht passthrough). I'd like to go the budget route for HT and need some help choosing the right amp/pro. I just got an HTM-1 for center channel duties... will likely get N805s or SCM1s or maybe N804s for rear speakers.
Two options that I've been thinking about are Rotel & Outlaw. (open to other suggestions though)
I'm leaning towards the rotel (1075/1068 combo)as perhaps rotel will be more synergistic with classe? Should this matter in HT? I've also read that rotels may be better for more "forward" speakers and that outlaw may be better for more "laid back" speakers... again should this matter for HT or is this only relevant for music listening?

I'd really appreciate this forum's input.

It is recomended that you stay with the same manufacture amp for all of the channels. That said I didn't for monitary reasons. I havent heard either the outlaw or the rotel although rotel is susposed to mate with B&W quite well. I would recomend a B&K REF50 S2 AVP and a pair of B&K REF200.2 use one of the 200.2's to bi-amp the center channel. I am quite happy with my setup which uses B&K, MF and B&W.


My fronts are being powered by 100 watts/channel so 200 watts per channel of B&K will probably not blend well...

The difference is 3db between the two amps. Which will more than likely only be noticed in dynamic head room. At normal listening levels you should not notice a difference. That said B&K makes the ST 125.2 which is a 125 watt amp. Alot closer to your amp in power. The other thing to think about is you will have to calibrate your system. The AVP should be able to do this fairly easly no matter which processor you choose. In the B&K the output level for each set of speakers is adjustable up or down for calibration.

My watage is as follows.
Front MF 308 integrated in HT bypass 150 watts into 8 ohms.
Center B&K ST 125.2 Bi-amping the center channel 125 watts into 8 ohms. I also have the processor out bumped 2db to help with the voices.
Rear B&K ST 2140 140 watts into 8 ohms.

Good luck in your search.