amp preference...Plinius or Pass labs

Greetings- Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post- very informative answers- Basically I am writing to ask opinions/preference on the following amps- I am debating either the Plinius SA 100 MKIII and the Pass Labs x250- they will power a set of Vienna Acoustics Beethoven- preamp is an integrated Arcam AVR100 - Ive heard the Pass labs amp on the Viennas and love the clean, musical sound- just wondering how the plinius is likely to compare
It looks like there is a bit of a price difference between those?
Pass is definitely better performer...
Both great amps - the Plinius is a pain if you need service.
I have to disagree with the above statement that "the Plinius is a pain if you need service." I have a Plinius 8200, and, although not the same as the SA 100, I have had very good experiences with the US service - very accessible, good work and a quick turnaround. Also, until about a year ago, all their equipment came with a ten year transferable warranty.
I recently bought a Pass X250 (without any warranty) through an Audiogon subscriber and the amp immediately created a buzz in both of my speakers. I contacted Peter at Pass Labs via their website and through a series of emails he walked me through several possible scenarios but could not determine the cause of the problem. He then offered to bench test and repair any problem the amp had at no charge if I would simply repack it and send it to him. I sent it to them (Georgia to California) and they had it repaired and back in my home within eight days of my shipping to them. They even shipped it back to me via an expedited shipping service at no charge to me. As it turns out, the previous owner had placed the shorting pins in the wrong holes in the balanced imputs which created the buzz. The point I'm making is that Pass offered and was willing to fix whatever the problem was even though they knew I bought it through Audiogon and had no warranty.
Jcambron, you are obviously quite happy with the customer service at Pass, but what do you think of the amp in terms of sonics ? Sean
I just three days ago received my Plinius SA102 amps (two in vertical bi-wire) I intend to write a review here once they are broken in, but straight out of the box the two major problems with Plinius are gone. The ground loop hum is no where to be found. The two SA 100 amps I had three years apart both needed the ground lifted. The other issue was the mute switch created a pop when I turned it off and on, that too is gone. Dead quite.
The sonics are improved even out of the bax. The bass is extremely tight and well balanced. The midrange is just as pure as any I've heard and the highs are clean and effortless. Imaging is beyond words, so much better than the SA 100.
The point, if your thinking of Plinius and Pass, check into the new SA-102.
I have not owned either of these amps, but have auditioned them at my audio dealer's store. The Pass Labs had a sweeter more "musical" sound. Also, the soundstage was more spacious than the Plinius.
I have found the pass labs to have the best sonics of any solid state amp I have heard. Dead quiet, ultra clean sound without the solid state jaggies.

I have heard the monster plinius amp and came away thinking it reminded me a little of a krell amp. Very powerful detailed, but also VERY solid state in sound. Some people with good hearing, and good opions, prefer that sound.