Amp/preamp wiring diagram?

I know that this is probably a basic question for most of you but does anyone have a link illustrating how to wire your preamps, receivers and speakers correctly? I have a hand-me-down system and currently only use my receiver. Ill be moving soon and would like to set my system up correctly. Im usually pretty good at things like this but having a diagram would be amazing. Does anyone have a link illustrating this?

I plan on setting my system up for home theater use. I am not sure if Ill have rear speakers or not but I plan to have my front 3 speakers + sub.

The current components I have are:

Denon Receiver
Adcom GFS-3 speaker selector
Adcom ACE-515 AC enhancer
Adcom GFA-555 preamp
Adcom GFA-2535 preamp
Center Channel speakers
Left and Right speakers

Are the speaker selector and AC enhancer necessary components?

Thanks in advance!
I found a link talking about the Adcom ACE-515 so I guess the answer to my question is, "yes" the ACE 515 is important.

Any other info is still appreciated!
The speaker selector should not be necessary.

What kind of Denon reciever is it? If it is a really high end unit then my guess is there would not really be a lot of benefit from using the amp and preamp.

Thanks Mark,
It's a Denon AVR-1080. Since I have the other amps isn't it silly not to use everything I have? Wouldn't using the amp and preamp help the sound?

If I don't use the amps I guess that I should still use the Adcom ACE-515 AC enhancer.
I couldn't find any info on that receiver. Do you know if it is a Dolby digital/DTS receiver or is it pro logic?

Anyway if you are using a receiver then I see no reason to use a preamp. The receiver does everything the preamp does. Having a preamp in there wouldn't gain you anything.

Are you sure there is a preamp? I thought the GFA-555 and the GFA-2535 are both amps, not preamps

The amp may help you depending on your speakers and the quality of the receiver. Your receiver needs to have pre out jacks to use the amps. What you would then be doing is using the reciever as a preamp and using the amps to drive the speakers.

Hope this helps,

Thanks again Mark. After I move Ill have a better chance to rewire and reevaluate everything. Like I said, Im usually pretty good with things like this but it can get quite overwhelming.