Amp / Preamp recomendations

Hey "Goners",

I'm getting ready to move from an integrated to separates for amp and pre-amp. I need about 150+ watts to drive my Harbeth C7's and am looking for some recommendations. I think I want solid state for the amp and tubes for the pre. I would like to stay under $2,000 total for both components.

Waddaya think?

Check out the McCormack .5 Deluxe and McCormack pre-amps
for sale here. Don't know how they would sound with the Harbeth's, but good amps to start with. Can upgrade as
needed via
A great combination is a used Blue Circle BC-21 tube preamp, with the matching BC-22 solid state power amplifier.

Another good combination is a Conrad Johnson PV-10 tube preamp, with a solid state MF-2200, MF2300, or MF2250 power amplifier.
Steve, there are a lot of amps available. I have C7's and (discontinued) K6's. I use, among others, a Muse 160, 160 wpc, high current. Havent seen one for sale in a long time. Reviews and retail dealers said it was a little soft on top, which is what you want. What you dont want is an analytical or bright sounding amp, so whatever people recommend here, pay attention to how they describe the sound or look for reviews. Some of us like purely neutral amps, but nobody with these speakers likes any excess on top.

I saw recently a Marsh A-400 amp on sale here, and some Conrad Johnson preamps. Also some Anthem preamps. Classe amps, if you see one here, are good. There are some I would stay away from, but not wanting to offend any fans, I won't mention them. Feel free to use the A'gon emailer.

You might also try the official Harbeth users group, which you can join through the website.


Thanks all for your help. I'm going to check out some of your recommendations.