Amp - preamp or integrated

This topic has appeared in the past but I like to hear audiophile suggestions specially if they honest. I currently have the Rogue Chronus Magnum II. With Vandersteen 2 sig. Soon I will sell the house and will have some extra $ for upgrades. I have 4 questions:

Is the amp/ pre amp a better way to go than integrated? Two choices Rogue and Parasound.
Is the mono blocks / preamp an even better way to go?
If I decide to go with mono blocks, due budget considerations , I will be looking at used or an small company/audio engineer where I can keep the cost under 3000. If I go with a small company product, how do I know it is a good quality prod. Vs big companies like Rogue etc?

All your comments to all or any of my questions is highly appreciated. Thanks
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I must clarify when I say " better way to go" it means sonically/ musically. 
I prefer separates. I like the fact that each component is designed to do one specific thing. An integrated can generate crosstalk and/or noise between its sections. Also, if something goes wrong with the integrated, then the entire unit has to be sent for repair ... no more music. With separates, if one component fails, then you can sub in another and continue the party.
Are mono blocks any better? Its just separating the amplification into two units instead of one.
If you are happy with the sound of the of the 2CE Sigs  with the Rogue Chronos Magnum you are not likely to be happy with them paired with Parasound as that is the opposite end of the spectrum. How much of an upgrade going to Rogue separates will be is the subject of debate also.  A better upgrade my be to add subs to the Sig's if you don't already have them.  While the Vandy subs are a great match and what I used with those speakers for 8 years there are other subs that will work too when connected speaker level and that are a bit cheaper whether that be REL, Rythmik or others though the faithful will argue otherwise.