Amp / Preamp match?

Would a Proceed Amp 2 power amp be a good match with an Adcom GFP-750 preamp? Speakers are Revel F30’s. I’d be using the passive stage of the GFP-750. 

Although the Adcom GFP-750 output impedance vary depend on volume control setting in passive mode, I can’t see any mismatch to a Proceed Amp 2 with 100kΩ impedance and 1.2V sensitivity on unbalanced input.
I can’t comment on "sonic match" since it’s quite subjective...
It should be a very good match in all respects for sure, but it all depends on the specific speaker you are using them with. As far as compatibility though, no problem should occur and you should be very happy with the outcome.
Awesome—thanks everyone!  My plan is to put this system together. 

speakermaster:  my speakers are Revel F30’s.

Hey JS...regards to JC and CPE.  So this is an easy one.  It depends.  Are you looking for a good "sonic match?"  Say, I have some vintage harpsichords I can sell you.
In addition to the Proceed Amp 2, are there other amps that would better match the the sound characteristics of the Adcom 750 pre and Revel F30’s? After some additional browsing in my budget ($1,000-$1,200; max $1,500) some others I’m curious about are: Krell KST-100, Classe DR-9, Bryston 4B ST, McCormack DNA 0.5, 1, 125, etc. My musical tastes are mostly electronic and pop/rock. 
Update: I picked up the proceed amp 2.  Next is the adcom 750 pre. Or... would the matching proceed PRE be a better sonic mate?
The Adcom 750 arrived and had damage, so it was returned. Any other preamp recommendations that would sound good with the Proceed?  Another option is to go back to an integrated amp or integrated cd player. Possibly the Primare I30 integrated or Wadia 830 cdp direct into the Proceed? 
Update to my original post….
sold the proceed and pickup a levinson 383… awesome sounding integrated and mates very well to my revel f30’s. I cleared out most of my other gear to get it to fit my budget, but it sounds wonderful!