amp/preamp for snell b minor

Hello all.

I am relatively new to the "audiophile" hobby and have a couple questions. I recently purchased a pair of snell b minor speakers and would like some advice. (Snell b minor - 8 ohm; 90 dB; rated 40 - 400 watts) I currently power these with a Jolida 202A tube amp delivering 40 watts of power (integrated amp). I have also used a Parasound Halo a21 delivering 250W of power but strongly prefer the Jolida tube sound - and have noticed a huge difference in volume with the power difference. I use a Benchmark DACpre as a preamp/dac in conjunction with the parasound.

In any case, although the sound with the Jolida is good, and at times wonderful, I feel that I am missing something in dynamic range and imaging. So, I am debating changing my amplification.

Liking the Jolida tube sound, I have considered purchasing the Jolida monoblocks which deliver 200W of tube power. I would also purchase a matching preamp.

I have been reading however about the "amazing" SET sound which I have never experienced and so am also looking at a pair of SET amps (Mingda) that deliver 40W of SET power with a matching preamp. The cost for either would be relatively equivalent.

My current listening room is relatively small and I listen to all forms of music including jazz, rock and symphonic and chamber classical music.

Do you have any advice?

Greatly looking forward to your help,

I had B-Minors for 7 years. My favorite combination was Classe Twenty Five (not DR-25) and Classe Six mkll. Never tried tubes.
Use big tube amps. There are a bunch around- but if I may make a suggestion -I have found nirvana with Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks (A 6 Moons Blue Moon Award winner). Don't forget to use a tube pre for the most magic.
there is No chance the Jolida has the power and control as the Parasound A21,also the jolida is rolled off Bss is not even close ,if there is doubt than your parasound has a problem it pulls over 60amps and is over 440wpc tested into a 4 ohm load Jolidas quality is nowhere nears as good .I have had many systems Jolida is near the bottom in quality justlook inside that is all it takes .
John Curl ex engineer at Mark Levenson knows his stuff ,just look in recommended components year after year Parasound Halo is one giant killer
as well as phone stages, and preampsLook for the HALO designation that is their premium line !!
Sell the integrated, get a very tubey pre... CJ maybe
How did this thread become unearthed. Anyway what did you do Eric?