amp/preamp for B&W speakers in current HT setup

Hi, Dear audiogoners !

Here is the problem to solve.
I have the following configuration of my HT setup:

B&W 704/HTM7 fronts/center
Electra SR30 rears
Marantz 7001 receiver
Marantz 8260 CD/SACD

So, I would like to keep marantz receiver for HT applications as a proc, but for stereo my system needs a serious improvement. The idea is to get maximum possible in stereo from 704 speakers. I am planning to use 2ch amp (200watt/ch Classe/Krell used, other suggestions will be greatly appreciated) for fronts. For center and rears
i am thinking about something less expensive,it may be 3 ch rotel 993, or 5ch sunfire or anthem amps which both cost less than a 1k used (in these case i could easily expand to 7.1 system in future if i wish). Then I need a dedicated 2ch preamp with HT bypass (if you know any other solution besides HT baypass it would be great to hear it.) About preamp I have no idea what to choose at this moment. So, your suggestions and comments are very welcome. Thanks for reading.

First, loose the Receiver. 7.1 system is a great idea for 1 reason, it's always best to run a separate 2-channel music with a separate amp. You can always upgrade to better ones later if you don't like the sound mates with your B&W much easier with 2 then with 5 channel amp.Get a Proceed AVP, great with 2-channel music(read the reviews). Anthem amps and Sunfire amps are pretty much the same you can live with either one. As far as music goes, well, Classe amps do go well with B&W.