amp/preamp fit with Revel

Outside of the obvious fit with Levinson and proceed, has anyone found a good electronics match with Revel studio and performas? I currently use bryston and lexicon and I wonder if I have to move up to Levinson to get a good match or whether there are other fits that allow the precision of the Revel with a more refined presentation? Thanks.

I use three Krell FPB250M monoblocks with my Revel Studios and Voice center speaker. I have listened to Revel speakers with Levinson and Proceed and I prefer Krell amps. Some people say Krell is bright and forward but I didn't find that to be the case. I really like the deep bass and lively sound of the Krell amps.
I Have Revel Studios and Voice. I like my Pass Labs amp much better than the Levinson #331 I used to have for the Studios. I'm using a Proceed Amp2 bi-amped to the Voice, which sounds great.
I've heard Revel with Musical Fidelity and it had a similar sound to the Levinson stuff. Very enjoyable.