amp-preamp considerations.

what are technical concerns[matching]when mating.have c-j prem.140 and am lookink for pre-amp.considering pass-lab x-1 or simaudio p-5.not stuck on either.using adcom gfp-750.looking for improvment on this.also new to tubes,think i would prefer ss.this amp is like having a small heater in da house.any input appreciated.
unsound,thanks for input.priorties are really only in ? on amp.only other amp in play,parasound jc-1.pretty sure i will end up with c-j prem 17ls as pre.hopfully this will mate well with either esp.good deal on new c-j amp,couldn't say no.FWIW spkrs. are aerial 10t,i.c.tara labs.would be interested in comments on other ss amps in this $ range.thanks.
Machine, I can't help but think that the Parasound JC-1's and the Conrad-Johnson Premier 140 are two very different beasts. BTW, the Parasound offers balanced inputs and no C-J offers balanced inputs or outputs. While it will probably work, the 850 Ohm out put of the 17LS may restrict amp choices. Some how I thought you prefered a ss pre. Good luck on what ever you choose.
I'm considering mating the Musical Fidelity 308 pre-amp with the Theta Dreadnaught II, but haven't found (or looked too much yet) a dealer who handles both products. From what I've read about each, this combination may make sense based on the sonics characteristics I appreciate. My speakers are Linn Keilidh. For the Theta, I'm only interested in 2 channel stereo at this time. This is my first posting to this forum, as I became a member as of today. Thanks for any responses!