amp/preamp combo for sonus faber cremona auditors

I have just purchased sonus faber cremona auditors and an ayre cx7 cdp, and am interested in opinions on what amp/preamp combination others would recommend. My listening room is 20x20 and my musical tastes run jazz and rock. I have been a solid state guy but am open to tubes as well. My price range would be in the $4000 range and I have no issue buying in the used marketplace. I appreciate your thoughts.
Check out Sim Audio or Linar Audio on the used market. Both would sound great with the Sonus, the Linar Audio maybe abit more tube like in sound. Good luck.
amazing. i also run auditors with a cx7 source. i listened to a couple amplifiers, and actually decided on the Sonus Faber Musica integrated amplifier. Very musical, high quality wattage (50wpc), and $3500 new. Plus it is a beautiful piece. I am very happy.
excellent choices! i've heard the auditors with mcintosh mc2102 and they sounded superb. i would try the mc275 as well.
Thanks for the suggestions. I have been doing some reading on the BAT integrated and am intrigued by the idea of the tube pre and ss amp idea. The review that I saw in TAS was positive as it made it sound as though it would not be much of a compromise from separates.
I use the Ayre cx7e with the Auditors. The amp I choose is the new Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated. Still burning in but sounds great.
Im using a manely stingray with aural symphonic cables on my auditors. Excellent system match. However, I think that amp might fall short of your expectations for your room size. But I would certianly suggest you audition the combo if possible. The BAT tube equiptment I have listened to in the past sounded alittle dry/sterile. Not so sure it would be a good choice being the tweeter on auditors is a little lively. Maybe consider a used pair of VTL 185 monoblocks or stereo 150. Very dynamic amps. I think the 185s would give you the punch you are expecting out of an amp. The VTL 5.5 preamp is pretty nice for the money as well. A CAT preamp would be my 1st choice. Joule electra also offers a nice pre-amp (very slight drop out in the upper mids). You might be able to do the CAT and 185s within your buget. Are you including cables and interconnects within that? The aural symphonics Im very happy with. Amazed how much the open up the sound.
Another system choice to consider is solid state amps with a tube pre-amp. Might get more bang for you buck that way. Certianly give the tubes try! Is it possible to bring you speakers into a Highend audio dealer and audition equiptement there? They might offer you a good deal on some demo equiptment providing you find a combo you are happy with. Try before you buy if you can. Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion above. I ended up going with a Mac 275 mkIV and Modwright SE 9.0. Coombination is is warm and dynamic to my ears....