amp/pre/speaker recommendations 10K used

Hi all,

I currently have a home theatre system consisting of Classe CA-300, CAV-150 amps, Theta Casanova, Ariel Acoustics 7B, CC3, SR3, Classe CDP.5, Kimber Select.

I bought a larger house, so want to take the Kimber Select and the CDP.5, and possibility the CA-300, but am looking for the following recommendations:

If I take the CA-300, can someone recommend a good pre/speaker combo somewhere in the 6K used range?

If I don't take the CA-300, can someone recommend a good amp/pre/speaker combo in the 10K used range?

This system will be pure 2 channel, wide musical range (classical, jazz, alt rock, etc). The room dimensions are approx 13 x 15 x 10 so I am not looking for huge speakers, but would like something with nice bass response.

I have been researching the following products, but haven't listened to any of them, so any input on good combos would be cool.

Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp
TacT Audio Amps
Totem Acoustic Wind
Coincident Super Eclipse
Metronome CD2-V (I know I said I was going to use the CDP.5, but...)

Any input welcome.

Accuphase DP-75v CD player -> variable output directly into -> ATC Active 10 monitors
Sounds like you have some pretty decent equipment right now. To kick things up a couple of notches, I would recommend the Aerial 10T's with stands($3k - $5k used), a pair of Odyssey Stratos mono amps at $2k for both new (very highly rated by TAS(Golden Ear Award),, and Intern'l Audio Review,, and perhaps a Placette passive line stage or Odyssey's Tempest pre amp for $1k, and finally a used Sony SCD-1 or SCD-777ES SACD CD player for $1 to $3k. That's $10k well spent.

Get a decent preamp and active ATC SCM50 ($5-6K used). It will fill your room. Also, try Krell KSA250 (1992 style) with B&W 801 Matrix 3, with Krell KPA. In fact you can probably keep the Classe.