Amp/Pre hookups

Previously posted gain question but this is a different subject so thought I'd start a new thread.

I have a vintage Sansui G9000 integrated amp that has been all recapped and redone that has the capability of separating the amp section from the preamp section. At 160 watts per channel, I'm thinking of running it through my Cary SLP05 to see if the extra power and solid state configuration makes a difference in my gain situation. Can anyone guide me as to pros and cons here. I don't want to blow anything up.
Well I don't think you will blow anything up, but I don't know that you'll accomplish anything either. Your SLP-05 has a 400 ohm output impedence, which is pretty good for a tube preamp. So impedence mismatch shouldn't be an issue. However, going from 120 wpc to 160 wpc may only get you 1 more db of gain, which is fairly negligable, IMHO.