Amp, Pre Amp or CD for SF CREMONAS

I should be receiving a new pair of Sonus Faber Cremonas any day now and will have some cash left over to upgrade one of amp,preamp or CD. I have a Classe Cam-200 amp,Melos MA333R preamp,Wadia 830 CD player, and Kimber Select cables. I would like to spend around 6k in the used market.Ideas PLEASE!
Get yourself an audio aero Capitole MkII, and sell your preamp and Wadia cd player- I have recommended more then a few members doing this and they all email me after they get it and thank me they never new how good there system could sound. As far as amps you will have PLENTY of money left to get a great amp, depends if you want ss or tubes. I would suggest perhaps a GamuT, pass, edge(if its in your price range), BAT, Rowland or Accuphase amp. I don't think any would disapoint the listener it really depends what you want from your system- but the capitole mk II is a great place to start for a digital only system. Good luck!
think about Air Tight, BAT or Pass

a good combo (used) would be a Vk30 SE and VK75SE- tough to beat

pt an Air tight preamp and the amp with the 6550s.

I have listened extensively to all of the above including your speakers-which I think are wonderful.

Upgrade the CD player 4 sure. Better sound dtarts there! AMps may sound different but in the same price range there seems to be little overall impact on the sound IMHO.