Amp/ Pre-amp options for B&W 602 S3s + Bi-wire?

Noobie here to the forum, and to the world of "high-end" audio (although technically, you guys probably wouldn't classify B&W DM602 S3s as "high-end").

At any rate, I am purchasing a pair of the B&W DM602 S3 speakers for my office and I need some expert advice on possible pre-amp/amp combinations (in a reasonable price range, as well as advice on whether or not to bi-wire, and finally, on what would be reasonably priced cables to connect it all to get all these speakers are capable of producing.

I realize, after doing some significant research, that I can spend more on cables than I did on components, but that's not going to happen in this scenario.

So here's what I'd like some help with...if YOU were going to put together a mid-range(priced) amp/pre-amp system, or even an integrated amp or bi-wire set up...what would you choose? What cables would you suggest? Does Bi-amping speakers in this price range make a significant difference? Do you have to use two amps to bi-amp, or can you use a mutli-channel amp?(yes, I told you I was new to this's okay to laugh!)

I do have an Anthem TLP1 Preamp and a Parasound Halo A23 that I picked up about a year ago when I began this process (before I bought the speakers)...but none of this gear has been hooked up...I would deeply appreciate any suggestions you pros might have...thanks!

Another newbie here. I just bought a pair of B&W 602 S3's and I too am wondering what the best pre-amp/amp combinations for them are(for under $1200)???

Thanks in advance.
I have the 603's which sound very good now with an Arcam A65+ integrated. I've also had excellent synergy with a Cambridge Audio 640 integrated. Either of these may be all you'd need, but I'd give the gear you already have a try! As for wires and interconnects, I'd go with Signal Cables silver IC's (currently on sale for about $99) and a pair of their bi-wire speaker cables for around the same. Bi-amping might produce some noticeable results but I doubt the benefit is worth the expense.
You could consider a Music Hall Mambo integraged amp. It's a nice sounding amp. Should go well with your B&W speakers. I own a pair of 602S2. I've had them for years and still love them. I bi-wired them once and didn't hear any real difference. I'd spend the extra money on some new music.

good luck.

If you haven't bought the amp yet, perhaps stray towards a more clinical sounding amp. I have a pair of 602 S3's powered by a NAD c320 amp, and find the sound just on the ok side of being too warm.
The same amp through my old Infinity monitors was quite bright, so I think the speakers themselves are quite warm-sounding and might benefit from a brighter sounding amp.
Happy listening!
I'd suggest looking into a hybrid integrated like Jolida or Unison Unico depending on your budget. I had the 602S2 and found the upper midrange a bit hard unless I had some tubes upstream. In my opinion S3 is better in this regard, but I'd still want the ability to roll tubes if it was my system.

A decent and musical sub to fill in the very bottom would be nice too, but maybe not necessary depending on your listening habits.
If it were me, I would look at a decent integrated amp such as the Arcam A85. A substantially better unit that's worth considering is the YBA Integre DT. The YBA is a very musical amp and sounds fabulous when paired with my B&W CDM1SE's. Other options would be Classe and Plinius integrateds.

Personally I wouldn't consider getting a pre/power or biamping the DM602S3's as these mini-monitors are not power demanding. It's also not worthwhile to spend mega-bucks on a good integrated amp as you may be restricted in performance by the speakers. Since you already have the Anthem and Parasound, why not hook them up and see if it sounds good?
I've had a pair of 602s for years and love them, considering what I paid. At the same time I picked up a set of MIT Terminator 4s as cables.