Amp/Pre-amp for Vandersteens

I am looking to move up from my present system. Want to stay with VAndersteen 2cis. Front end is mostly CAL 10 changer with ocassional vinyl, so I need a phono stage. Total budget approx. $2500. Any thoughts appreciated. I am seriously considering McCormack DNA 0.5 or 1 DLX. Probably want to go SS or hybrid. Presently running ARC SP9 MKII and NYAL Moscode 300.
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I have had my vandersteen 3aSigs hooked up to tube amps and solid state. I think they are actually pretty good with solid state. Usually I prefer tubes by a mile, but not so with the vandersteens. It's about 50-50. Better midrange, but inferior bass with the tubes. Vandersteens are the most forgiving high end speaker I have ever heard.
I just bought a dna-1 rev A w/bal inputs and it makes the vandersteens 3a sigs sound better than the vt100m2 or my sonic frontiers sfm-160s (160 watt tube amps). The bass and articulation are excellent. By the way, the 3asig is the voicing speaker used by smc audio for doing the revision upgrades.