Amp/Pre -amp for Martin Logan Requests

Hi everyone, I would like to hear sugeestions on amp/pre-amp setups for Martin Logan Requests. Have considered AR VT100MKII with the AR LS15. Any other suggestions??? Glenn
I'm using an ARC SP14 pre with two Classe DR8 amps. Synergy....
I'm using a Balanced Audio Tech VK500 Bi-wired. Drives the Request with no problem. Have listened to their VK30 and VK50 tube pre-amp's, will be purchasing one.
I have the ReQuest's predecessor, the QuestZ. I've had good luck with ARC SP-11 preamp and at various times used the following amps with great results: Hafler 9500 w/musical concepts mods. Perreaux 3150 Classe' M-1000 monoblocks (these were/are the best match) M-L recommends 200w/ch max but they've got to be kidding. Requests want big power and current to sound their best
I am using Sequel II (not ReQuest) and drive them with Perraux 5150B+ Sonic Frontier SFL2 with no problem and also use Sonic Frontier Power 3 (220Watts) with some problem with music - sound heavy.
I have a pair of original Quests which I drive with a Krell KSA 250 class A amp. On paper in seems like a good match as the amp is stable to 1 ohm or less as stated in the amps manual and I think quest go down to 1.2 ohm somewhere in their frequency range. I feel this combo is musical but have not tried any other amp.