Amp / Pre-Amp Compatibility Issues...

Recently bought an Outlaw 950 to upgrade from my Denon receiver which I was using as a pre-pro. Amps are Odyssey Stratos running fronts, Chiro C-500 running center and surrounds. When I hookeed up the Outlaw, the speakers connected to the Chiro started to pop, and quite often - pops from surround mode changes, mute activation, source changes, tuner station changes and sometimes when changing chapters or jumping to a menu on a DVD. I pulled out the Chiro and tried the Outlaw with the Odyssey on each channel - no pop. I tried the receiver again, with the Chiro - no pop. Any ideas as to what is causing this to occur? I'm guessing its the auto-mute function in teh Outlaw and sensitivity of the Chiro. Any other tests to narrow it down? The Chiro is fine, and the Outlaw is fine - put them together and it's like an entire bowl of rice crispies popping in unison. Any help would be appreciated.

- Dan
Most likely your preamp is passing DC. One set of your amps is probably protected from this and one is not. Ergo your problem. Causes-Either your preamp has a cheap power supply that naturaly leaks or has developed some problems. It might be worth having your preamp checked out.

M. Young
Is this the kind of thing I can check out myself, or should I send it in? I'm fairly handy.