Amp & Pre Advice for Hales Transcendence 8

I finally bought a set of Hales Transcendence 8 speakers. Looking for amp & preamp (w/ remote) recommendations to take full advantage of the Hales. I've read and read, like the older Krell, Pass & Levinson higher power amps (considering T8 inefficiency and bass extension) but I need help. I Have a Hafler 500 or TFM-25 to live with, so am happy to take the time to hunt for the right pieces. Especially interested in others who have T5 or T8s who have tried different amps and preamps. CD or SACD suggestion that would integrate well would be great too. Amp/pre budget is < $5k used. Thanks! (Repost of original post in wrong category.)
Any quality ss over 100 wpc. Simaudi, McCormack, Aragon, Mac, CJ, etc etc. Hales are increbibly neutral, and match flawlessly with lots of clean power...They're not brand fussy.
When I had Hales T-8s I had Lamm M1.2s and they were a great match but they cost more (even used) than your budget. I would think a pair of Parasound JC-1s would also work quite well matching up with the Hales strengths. Jaybo's suggestions were right on the money.

Personally, I would then mate the SS amp(s) with a good tubed preamp if your budget will allow (although a GOOD solid state preamp might also work). I am guessing you'll have to buy used to get the kind of quality you want to make the Hales sing.

Back in '99 when I worked for a shop that was a Hales dealer we usually had a Meridian 508-24 cd player feeding a Meridian pre-amp/controller into either a Sunfire Signature Grand or Proceed Amp 2 into a pair of Hales T-5's. Both amps could drive the Hales well. The Sunfire was a little warmer sounding than the Proceed but it comes down to personal preference.

We hooked up a Crown Macro Reference for fun one day but I found the sound a bit sterile but that Crown amp was a monster!
Thank you everyone for all of the guidance. I'm off searching.
Just found this older thread: old thread on T8 amp recommendations.
Still owning my Hales T8 speakers. I've recently switched from Manley reference 500 monoblocks to Spectron the musician 3 MK2 monoblocks with vcaps. Big improvement over the manleys. Bigger stage, way more powerfull, sound cleaner and remarkably similar in warmth. Who wouldve guessed for class-d amps.