amp placement

I've got a new amp with no place to put it. If I place it on a carpeted floor w/out spikes or stand am I degrading sound. Also how important is separation of power cords, cables, speaker wires etc.. New to hobby and need help. Setup is Van Alstine Model 2 250wpc amp, Sony STR-G1ES as preamp, psb Stratus Mini Monitors with NAD CD (522)
Richard you should place your amp on a dedicated amp stand. I just put my aragon on a lovan stand and it made a h--- of a difference to the sound. Also you want to keep your power cords away from your signal cables. This may sound like nitpicking but believe me it works. Welcome to the madness. Bret
Hi Rich..: I totally agree with South43 above. I'd just add that some amps run fairly hot and need the cooling air drawn in from underneath the amp (I know my big McCormack amp runs fairly hot as the first 25-30 watts is pure class A). Also, you don't want to burn your house down. (mail order) has some good amp stands or for that matter, all sorts of stereo stands. Good Luck.