Amp pairings with Revel F35

I owned a pair of MA silver 50s powered by Emotiva PT-100/A300 and Analysis plus Chocolate 12/2 wire. Basic setup, worked well for me, I moved, had space for floor standers and always wanted to try Revel, bought a pair of F35s on a good deal, just used the Emotiva setup and was fairly happy, best sound I had ever heard (obviously I've heard an extremely limited range of gear). I really enjoyed the sparkle and clarity of the Revel/Emotiva setup, even if the highs were a bit harsh and the bass lacked a bit. Then I found a good deal on a Nova300, I always heard they were great, kinda was a 180 of the Emotiva, highs were so much sweeter, bass was better but then almost the reverse instead of maybe being a little thin suddenly bass was boomy and overbearing and the detail of the Emotiva was now lost in more of a muddled sound especially on the lower end. Where as the Emotiva I could still pick out details in the low in with strong bass on the track, with the Peachtree it gets so boomy it all blends together its just overbearing.

My experience is limited, I was just hoping that some fellow audiophiles with more experience than I could share some amp options that would partner well with the Revel F35s, something that wasn't so boomy as the Nova, but with sweeter highs than the Emotiva, something in between.

Obviously budget is a concern, I'm sure there are $100k amps that would fit perfectly and fix all the problems, and as much as I wouldn't mind selling the house and living in a cardboard box to have good sound (I know an oxymoron because a box wouldn't have good acoustics) I think the other members of my family would object to that notion. I would say looking for a setup sub $2k, new or used.

Haven't heard the Emotiva amps, but I certainly wouldn't categorize the highs of a Nova 300 as "sweet." 

However, if for whatever reason you like the sound of that amp with the Revels, but want less bass, go for a Rogue Sphinx V2. I normally don't recommend that amp due to its bass-shy character, but having owned Revel F36s, which are also very bass finicky, I think it would make for a good match.
I have not owned any Revel loudspeakers, but have " set up " many in my past. It has been my experience that going from one loudspeaker to another loudspeaker might require different locations in the same room ( six inches left to right, front to back ), along with different damping characteristics ( bass control ) of amplifier changes. Room set up, speaker and listener position, and acoustics, should be dealt with first, before any other investments are made, especially if you intend on keeping the Revels. And, do not forget that most audio products require much break in time before it ( they ) settle. Enjoy! MrD.