Amp pairing for Nad m51 and focal 816w speakers

Hi, I just purchased a nad m51 second hand, and recently purchased focal 816w speakers. Any suggestions on amp to use? Wires are acoustic zen matrix reference 2 interconnects and basic speaker wire for now but I have option to get acoustic zen holograms or satori and acoustic zen tsunami power cables at great deal for the nad and whatever amp I get. Please assist with amp pairing suggestion. Thanks
No suggestions but this fellow used a Musical Fidelity A5 and seemed to like the pairing. You'll need to translate the page.
I had an A5. Depending on your taste, it may work, but I wouldn't even consider it unless I could try it in my system first.
I like the nad m51 a lot as preamp, thinking I will just get a amp like parasound a21.

Nad m51 to parasound a21 to focal chorus 816 with acoustic zen wires. Anyone have experience with this combo?
Sell the NAD M51, buy the NAD C375BEE, replace the stock jumpers with the Cardas jumpers.
My system is only for digital playback from laptop. I just got the nad m51 to be usb dac and I liked it so much as a preamp that I've decided to keep it simple and just add a amp, so no plan to sell it. I don't think I need an integrated anymore, just need a nice amp

I've been going back and forth on amp to add. I'm stuck between rotel 1552 mark 2 or parasound a23. The focal chorus 816w speakers are rated 40-200 watts but are easy to drive, so either amp would be ok I'm just wondering which one would sound better with my setup. Any other comparable amps to consider along with the rotel and parasound?
I'll also throw nad 275bee on the short list, matching with nad m51 is attractive, just not sure how it will sound with the focal speakers, or how it compares to the rotel 1552 or parasound a23
" Any other comparable amps to consider along with the rotel and parasound?
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What type of sound do you like, and what's your budget? There's so many choices in amps, you should try to focus on some must have qualities. Also list any qualities that you don't want. The more you able to narrow your focus, the easier it will be to pick the right amp.

I think it was a smart move to just buy an amp and use the volume on your DAC.
Budget is $500-$1000 ish but there is room for increase on a great deal, I don't mind buying second hand as long as it's clean. I have a small room (14x10) just for music that doesn't have any treatment yet but that is planned down the line, maybe I should wait in amp and take care of the room first.

My ear is still developing so I'm not sure what im hearing sometimes. the nad m51 dac brought in a lot of clarity and life to the speakers, it opened up the bottom end, maybe a little too much for the room without treatment, so I don't need more bottom end. Highs are a little harsh when volume is turned up, so I don't want to add any brightness. I am currently using rotel 1075 amp but that's 5 channel and I'll probably use it for HT setup later or sell it and want 2 channel neutral sounding and good synergy to the focal chorus 816w speakers.
Emphasis for me is clarity and definition in sound stage and neutral, a little warm or musical is ok in overall system but dac is already adding a little warmth so hopefully amp balances it and doesn't add more warmth
YBA 3 Alpha Stereo Power Amplifier
Listing ID: lis65j6g

Take a look at this listing. It's a little more than what you want to spend, but it may be worth it. YBA is one of the better matches for Focal.
Cool I'll read up on the YBA, at first glance it looks great, but only 40 watts at 8 ohm, the rotel I'm running now is 120 watts. I know that all lower isn't the same but it's considerablly lower.
I think the YBA is in the right track in that it's very musical sounding, which is what I want, just power seems too low.
I have the M51 in my system and while I don't use your amp or speakers, here is a review that has the Rotel RB-1582 MKII and A23 in direct comparison.

They consider the Rotel a bit warmish, softening leading edges and not having as much resolution or imaging capabilities. The Parasound was preferred, but it likely wouldn't help with upper treble remarks you had voiced.

I've never owned either brand, so I couldn't give a proper recommendation on them. As for the M51, bags of resolution while never sound harsh and even a bit of warmth. Used it direct and with my preamp and it seems very close either way. I keep the preamp in for added input flexibility.