Amp pairing for carver ALIII - Plus

Greetings and thanks to all in advance for responding. I have had a pair of AL-III Plus since 1997, bought new at Circuit City of all places. I have had the ribbons on an Adcom GFA-555 since 2000. After a decade of listening to the carvers perform less than capable I am able to do some upgrading. I would like to find a 2-3 channel that better suits the ribbons. I listen all over the spectrum, as well as have a home theater with a ribbon center channel. I was fortunate enough to spend a year at a fantastic high end shop (Salon One Audio in Wisconsin Rapids - RIP) and used to be a Stereophile subscriber. I have read about and listened to some greatness but alas, I live a middleclass life and will make my used purchases from Audiogon. Anyway, I would love to get into a Parasound Halo, Krell KSA or KVA, or maybe an Arcam-P1000. But, obviously, I am looking for suggestions. I have no amp favorite, I would just like to enhance the sound of ribbon beauty. I currently use a Sony 333ES and am looking to upgrade that as well but am starting with an amp.
Again, thanks to all.