Amp Pairing for Acoustic Zen Adagio Jrs?

I recently purchased a pair of AZ Adagio Jrs and am looking to upgrade my current amplifier (Bel Canto REF 1000s). I have a small listening room (8 x 12) and listen mostly to folk/country/rock/pop/blues rather than jazz/classical. I'm considering anything (solid state/tubes/hybrid) that people have found pair well. I don't, at the moment, use a preamp and instead have a digital source with DAC connected directly into the monos. Thanks for any recs. -- jf
I am using sim i5.3 with fairly good results.
Hi N7029j

One very helpful member to e-mail regarding what amp to pair with the Acousic Zen Adgio Jr's is Bside123. He answered my questions regarding a McCormack DNA .5 amplifier and I believe he mentioned that he had used to power the AZ Adagio Jr's.

Those are some nice speakers.
My Adagio Jrs. have been sensitive to every tweak that I've made. After you select your amp, be prepared to affect the sound w/cables, footers, and everything else. It should keep you busy for awhile.
Thanks to each of you. Sounds like I need to do some auditioning...