Amp or speakers

I currently have a McIntosh home theater system with 200 watt solid state power amp and B&W 804 speakers. I am also desiring to own a tube amp as I was floored when I heard music being played through and I have decided on a Prima Luna Hp Integrated. I want awesome sound but can’t decide between the tube amp upgrade or go for a new speaker upgrade along the lines of the new Golden Ear Tr1R. My system is only 2.5 years old. The dollars would be around 5 grand either way so opinions please 
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The gulf between HT and stereo is so vast anything that gets you out of multi-channel and into two channel is bound to be a winner. Especially if its a premium quality tube integrated like the Prima Luna. Done deal.
+1 millercarbon: Good call! Go for the PrimaLuna - get rid of that HT McIntosh! Immediate sonic benefits with the tube 2- channel PL! Keep the B&W 804's. No need to change speakers! The 804's are a fine speaker and good for the long haul!