Amp or speaker issue?

Was not sure if this should be under amps or speakers, I picked amps.

I have a Sunfire 300w x 2 amp. In 2012 I sent this to Rita”s, Carver”s shop, and they replaced a handful of capacitors and upgraded some wiring. Has seen little use since then. 

I purchased a pair of used Vandersteen Model 2 speakers and the sound was great. After a month or so I started to get a “crackle” on deeper bass only on one speaker. This was in 2014. Over the past couple years I haven”t used this setup often but both speakers have started to, for lack of a better description, crackle on bass.  Not constant but seems more frequent. I am setting a simple 2 channel setup and was thinking of getting new Vandersteen”s.

Yeah, finally to the question...Is this crackle from the age and damage to the speakers, if so new speakers. Or could the amp be too much power for the speakers? If that is the case what amp would be recommeded for new Vandersteen Model 2CE Sig 2?

Thanks for any advice!
I doubt the amp is just too much, but it is possible something is going on with them. I'd have it seen soon, to prevent damage to the speakers.

Visually inspect the woofers. With the amp off, check the dust caps and make sure they are still attached. Run your finger around the surround, make sure it's all in one piece, and finally, evenly, press the speaker in. It should move smoothly.
At what sound level does it happen? Could be the woofers are being overdriven by bass transients. Careful with that volume control when using such a powerful amp!
"...check the dust caps and make sure they are still attached. Run your finger around the surround, make sure it's all in one piece,"

Easier said than done on the Vandersteen model 2s...
More likely the amp is overdriving the speaker than the amp is clipping unless you are flat out turning it up full. Cracking sound is a classic giveaway of a speaker driver reaching its limit.
Walstib, is the crackle volume dependent? How much volume does it take to get the crackle started? 
Erik is right. Most likely it is the woofers failing. The surrounds and spiders fail and in some instances the voice coil lacquer deteriorates and the coil becomes unsprung. If you push on the woofer you can feel it grind. Amplifiers do not fail like this. If you can't get to the woofers just take the amp to a local store and plug it into other speakers. If it is working fine then you know for a fact it is the speakers.
You can get to the woofers but it requires some work. Youtube has a video showing how to do it. It's not difficult, just requires a bit of patience and being careful.
Another vote for Erik's assessment. Surround failure on woofers is a common problem with older loudspeakers. If a foam surround, ten years might be as long as it holds up.
Had the same problem on one of the Vandersteen 2CE speakers I was using. Removed the woofer and sent it to Vandersteen. Seems the glue holding the surround lost its grip and the speaker voice coil came uncentered. Vandersteen sold me another woofer for around 100.00 or so. That was 13 years ago and the raw driver probably costs more now. Vandersteen said the older woofer could no be repaired.
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Thanks to all for fast and great advice.
Happens frequently when watching a movie and a sound effect has a deep sustained bass even at normal listening volume. I can”t say i never listened at loud volume but it occurs at middle volume just as much as louder.  I switched left and right, follows speaker. Prevous owner said he had them for 7 years, they are at least 12 years old.  Possibly older, not sure how to tell.  I paid 750 shipped so i am not heavily invested in them.  I do love the overall sound and i am willing to buy new, just want to be comfortable the amp is not going create the same problem on new Vandersteens.
Noise following the speaker indicates the woofer is most likely bad.
Sounds like the voice coil is OK, so it might be a simple matter of replacing the surround and or regluing the spider.
Here in the Twin Cities area, there is an outfit called Midwest Speaker reconing that has been doing work like that for the last 60 years or so. You're going to have to remove the woofer (and if I were you I would remove the one from the other channel as well and get it done too); there may well be a place like that near you. Google 'loudspeaker reconing service' and see.