Amp or Integrated amp for Quad ESL-63's?

I need to replace an aging,buzzing amplifier for my Quad ESL-63's. I would like to keep it at about $1000 and was thinking possibly an integrated would be good (as my preamp is the same age as my amp). Is there anyone with any ideas for something that would match well with my electrostatics? It would be a plus to have a phono section as my current preamp has one and I occasionally listen to vinyl.
I am currently driving my Quad ESL 63's with a Jadis Orchestra Reference using KT 90 tubes with stunning results. I am running a REL Stentor III full range in conjunction, so I don't have to drive the Quads to quite as high a volume to get an amazing full envelope of sound. But all in all it works quite well.
I would be interested in knowing the rest of your equipment and listening preferences, room size, etc. But, in limiting the response to just your question, a YBA Integra DT with phono stage would be a nice choice and should be available at around $14-1500 used. Otherwise, I think I recently saw a Hafler 9505 amplifier on the 'Gon for around $600, which would be a nice reliable solid state, good sounding amp for the price. Other amps in your price range I could suggest would be a Forte model 4 or 4A, if you can find one, again, used at around $600. I'd also be interested in what others have to say about your request. Happy Hunting!
Oops! My mistake. Both the Hafler Transnova and Forte Model 4a's are currently listed as sold. Sorry. It would be worthwhile looking for them, IMHO.
no brainer in charlotte n.c. trade in are available excellent reveiws and i have heard will move your quads
I was just checking, and, there is a nice little Arcam Delta 90.2 for $320, with a MM phono stage listed. This might just be the thing to take care of the buzzing amp problem and give you time to shop around.
I am fairly new to audiogon and am always amazed how helpful and responsive audiogoners are in attempting help people. I believe there are some solid suggestions here and am compiling a list of possibilities to keep an eye out for. Thanks
I had ELS-63s in the 90s (still miss them!) and really felt that they liked tubes a lot (a Beard P35 35W push-pull sounded better than the much more expensive SS amps I tried at the time).

They may be slightly over your budget new (1100-1200 I think), but look at the Prima Luna integrated amps. They don't come with phono, but you can get an external unit cheaply if you find that it bothers you.
one word of advise ,if you have the extra cash seperates
are better ,you can fit bigger porwe supply , capacitance
and usually a more aggressive circuit.why do you think flag ship models are all seperates.if you have a tight budget you are better off waiting ,or buying quality used gear that match.
If your room is not too big, the Cayin A50 for 1300 new runs Quad USA 63's very well for the price. I am using in a den and it is a very good affordable combination. Clean looks and useable remote are bonuses above and beyond the sound/price level.
1st - How large is your listening area?
2nd - What type of music do you like?
3rd - How loud does it need to play?
I currently have a pair of ESL 63 being driven by MFA tube gear. My experience is that the Quads are ruthlessly revealing of upstream electronics. I would suggest a MFA Magus or Counterpoint SA 3.1 or 5.1 and an upgraded Dynaco ST 70 if you don't have a large room or need them to play very loud. This should be in your budgetary range.
My $0.02
I have a Forte' 4a (Soderberg mods) on my ESL-57's sounds fantastic.