Amp or blocks for Total Eclipse

Have a pair of ex demo TE’s on trial – having trouble driving them.
Tried a Try 335? Valve integrated – grainy and veiled
Xindak mono blocks – bass light
Bada 380? 20 anniversaries – no detail
As usual a bit money challenged – your thoughts?
Take a look at some of the hybrid amps. that'll keep one foot in each camp... tubes & SS.

I find the Dodd MK III 120wpc mono blocks pretty nice amps. They drive my more difficult imp than your's, speaker pretty well.... being ever mindful their bass isn't that of comparable SS amps... but then there's that always, huh?

I think I've heard another owner of TE uses D amps.... Rowland?

Another great source said he liked what he heard from the newest Odyssey monos too.

Good luck.
I drive my Super Eclipse lll's with Nuforce 9 SEV3. It really
lights them up.
The Total Eclipse is easy to drive. We can drive them with our smallest amp, but most of our customers usually use either our M-60 or MA-1 for them. The speaker makes good bass down into the lower 20s and we found it easy to set up. They are designed with tube amplifiers in mind, if you want everything they have to offer get an amp with at least 60 watts/channel.
Agreed - I drive my Total Eclipse with a 100 watt Berning, and I'm quite pleased. While I can get away with 10 watts (convincingly depending on the output tube), it takes around 50wpc and up to really gets them singing. YMMV.

I have total eclipse 11 version and with the 8 watt Coincident Frankenstein MK2 amps drive them effortlessly and with projection of sound into a 14x26 feet room at moderate to loud volumes. These speakers are quite an easy load. SET amplifiers with good transformers and a stout power supply will serve you well.
Cary 805 SET. BTW, myself and a few other local audiophiles like the Total Eclipse speaker over the new Total Victory IV speaker. The Total Eclipse are keepers for sure and represent awesome value.
I use Leben CS660 tube power amp (2x40 watts) with my TE II
speakers,excellent sound,these speakers are one of the best and they like tube amps with 16 ohm tap.
It is a pity that Israel do not produce TE no more and the new line does not perform as good as TE because of the ribbon tweteer I hope he again begins to produce this legendary TE for all low wattage tube amp owners.
One point I forgot to mention in my ealier post is that I a have a push-pull amplifier. I`ts the very fine Bella Extreme 100 monoblocks (V-cap version) by Response Audio. This amp is conservatively rated at 100 watt pentode/ 60watts triode and is quite powerful and dynamic. However the sound with the 8 watt SET frankenstein is as big and dynamic but more transparent and palpable. These speakers will work with both low and high power tubes and solid state amplifiers. You`ll need high quaility amps as the T.E. are very resolving(but are`nt analytical at all). Hope this helps.
Thank you for your suggestions
Will hunt around and see which of these suggestions can be found locally (New Zealand)

A chap popped around with a Lavardin 45w integrated SS
Nice sounding piece of equipment.
Great stage and sound – the Lavardin happily pointed out any defects in the recordings and exposed a few flaws in the source.
My only reservation is a lack of ability when the volume was wound up.