Amp or amps to power a pr of Kappa 9's & Kappa 8's

I've receintly purchased a pair of Infinity Kappa 9 and a pair of Kappa 8 speakers. I didn't quite realize the power that these consume. I do now. Is there an amp or pair of mono block amps that have 2 speaker outputs that would power both pair of these speakers? I really like the Carver Silver Nine t amps but I would have to purchase 4 of them to power my 2 pair of speakers. Any suggestions?
While not familiar w/Kappa speakers I am familiar w/Parasound amps. Specifically a Parasound HCA2205 is a classic amplifier many home theater specialist like to use when setting up a home theater system. It is a five channel amp rated @ 220 per channel, all channels driven that increases in wattage output as system requires @4 and then 2 ohm. Great bang for the buck, built like a tank approx. 95 lbs.
What is your budget? What are you using now.
I own Aragon Palladium 1k monoblocs. They may represent most high endish real watts per dollar in a big amp. I personally have subjected them to 4 ohm loads with 90db/W/M speakers. They never ran out of steam with any speaker I own but all are efficient. They have sets of binding posts and are stable to 2 ohms I think possibly 1 ohm. I have heard them cruise beautifully with much more punishing loads like big Magnepans.
A good friend is a speaker repair guru who specializes in older Infinty. I have heard the Kappa 9s with moderate power and agree it's not pretty. They do need juice.
They are 400wpc into 8 ohms and will produce 1K watts at 2 ohm, thus the name aragon 1K.
The Carvers aren't as sophisticated and don't have the detail retieval. The Carver's always reminded me of pro audio sound. That said if you are selective a few Carvers have been given good grades. The silver 9Ts are supposed to be good but many find them little different than the usual carver signature sound. The name of the one to get was a limited edition model XXXXstar. I can't remember the whole name right this second.
I like the sound of my Kappa 9s with the ARC D400 Mk. II. Be warned, however, because that amp clocks in at about 75 lbs. It is a monster, just what the Kappa's need.
I've been doing a lot of reading about all this. So here's what I'm thinking and what's in my budget. One pair of Carver Silver Nine t mono blocks or 4 adcom GFA 565 mono blocks and bi-amp the speakers with 2 Adcom monos on each speaker with one amp powering the bass and one for the mids and highs or a pair of Parasound HCA-3500 stereo amps and bi-amp the speakers and use one amp for the left & right bass and one for the left & right mids and highs. I've read great reviews about the Carver Silver Nine t's and then someone will say they're over priced over rated and really not all that. So I'm still not sure about them. What are your opinions?