Amp Options/Questions for Revel Studio v1


Looking for ideas for amping Revel Studio version one speakers. I currently have Pass Aleph2 and Aleph P.

I would like to keep the Aleph2 to use for bottom end power.
Was thinking about VTL MB-125's for top end.
Is this a good match?

Or should I sell/trade in the Aleph2's and save for MB-185 or 450?

Looking for best match either SS or tube for studios.
My budget is right at 4k.
I thought of VTL because of their power to drive a speaker like Studio (MB185/450) but am open to other suggestions.

I will be keeping the Aleph pre amp no matter what. Really need some help here.
My friend drove his with the WRAD 300/Innersound itube at 160W/ch (6550s).He preferred the amp using kt-88s=better extension on top/control in the bass.
VTL,BAT 75se (mono in future),CJ monos or Fourier 200W monos.You need power,but not quite as much if only driving the mid/tweet portion.

Thank you for responding. I am hoping 125 WPC is enough for the mid/tweet section. The Aleph2 does a OK job of driving the speaker, so I thought it would be very good at griping the Studio low end.

So the VTL MB-125 may be the way to go for me?
The VTL amps have always appealed to me,more than the pres.Keep in mind that different output tubes (88s,34s and such) will effect the top and bottom response.IE:softer top-end will soften the bass (transient wise).
What is the current output tube on the MB-125?
You do realize that the imaging of the two pieces may not mesh.The other to consider is that tube watts will be perceived as 2X SS watts.Maybe a smaller tube unit would be better (70-100).
Any thoughts about a XA or 150.5/350.5?

This is the current tube complment of the MB-125:
4 x EL34, 2 x 12AT7

I am very new to tubes, although my phone stage (JD9A) is tubed. And no, I was not aware tube watts were twice that of solid state watts. I have thought about Mcintosh MC352 which is SS, but no other tubes. Always thaough tube were used for horn or less than full range speakers.

In the case of the MC352, I would not need any other amps.
Do you know of a tube amps (mono or ST) within my budget (new or used) that would suit my needs?
If you won't be using an outboard crossover,then you will need to keep the input sensitivity the same or use attenuators/potentiometers to match levels.
Do you not like the Aleph sound in the hi-freqs?Had you thought about another Pass design?
Can you give me an idea of your current sound and what you would like to gain.I'm not sure that a SS amp from another manufacturer will send you into new territory.
If looking warmer/fuller:Jadis:Even the Defy is no slouch(100W).The Primaluna 7/KT-88 monos(with input tube rolling-70W).
Did you mention your price range?
If $6500 isn't over-the-top (+/-) the Lamm M1.1s.
I do like the sound of the Aleph2's I think very respectable for what I've heard is a 160
watt amp powering the Studio's. I play mostly jazz and jazz fusion. Chick Corea, Stanely Clarke.
Also Rock like Grand Funk, Dobbies Alman Brothers Led Zep. I like to have wide deep sound stage and be able to point to insturments.

My budget is about 3k. I know I am asking a lot but I can live with used equipment, in very good condition. My Aleph equipment was used. But it was well taken care of.
The Lamm is out of my range for now. I guess a good question would be to ask what would you do in my position? Bearing in mind I want to keep the Aleph pre.
I must ask again-are there provisions for gain matching.I ask this because if the input sensitivity is different,then the levels between the two different amps won't match.
Aleph 0s?Jadis Defy 7 mk II+,Quicksilver Silver 90 or a little extra warmth CJ 11a/LP70.If 70W will do,the PL 7s,with a roll on the 12ax/au7s.
If I think of others,I will notate them-but first:the level matching.
My freind has the Salons V1, he drives them with Krell evo 600 monoblocks they sound great. Those Revel's need alot of power to open up. I would suggest at least 300w/c amp with alot of current.
Parasound JC1 mono's
Cary MB 500 mono's
McCormack Dna 500
Mark Levinson 336 or 436
Krell Evo

The Aleph pre-amp has two knobs that are labeled "Gain"
for left and right chanells. Which amps would I control top or bottom?


Thank you for your input. I have heard the Studios
and Salons driven by ML436. Very natural sound, but have not heard in my listening environment.
What about Macintosh MC352?
My freind had the ML 336, 436 and Classe omega tower mono's
before he got the Krell Evo 600's.(if you decide to get a Krell stick with the evo line, it's better than the older krell amp. not a big fan of older model Krell amp's)
In his system we like the Levinson's and Krell's over the Classe's. The Classe's are good amp's, but we here more details with the other Amplifiers. As for the Macintosh never heard the Mc352, but I heard the MC402 and MC501's driving the B&W n802d. The Mac has a different sound than Levinson and Krell, almost like the Classe a little soft.
The left/right gain balance isn't the issue.If the tweet/mid amp and the bass amp used don't have matching Input Sensitivity,then the speakers'tonal balance will change.One beong disproportionate to the other.
The IS is usually stated in the amplifiers' specs (in volts:.8v/1.0V/1.2V).
This number needs to be matched for the top-end amp,unless they have an output attenuator/volume potentiometer.Thus my question concerning other Pass family units.
I have my Aleph 2 owner's Manual in front of me, and on the SPEC page, I do not see any figures that look like your representation. Not sure where else to look other than contacting Pass Labs and ask "Nelson" for the info.

Continued thanks for your advise and expertise.
If you contact Pass Labs and obtain this spec,you might inquire which of the other amps/series (Aleph,X,XA) has the same.