Amp Options for Evolution Acoustics Speakers

I know that almost everyone, including the manufacturer of the Evolution Acoustics, uses Dartzeel amp with these speakers. I would like to know if you know of other amps that work well with these speakers.

i do use the darTZeel; but i think almost any amp from a 7 watt SET on up would work logistically since (1) it is an easy load, 93db, 6 ohm (2) the amp only needs to power above 100hz, and (3) the integral subwoofer amp is so neutral it will mimic the character of any type of amp for exceptional full requency coherence. obviously; a 7 watt amp would not be as appropriate in a large room as 50 or 100 watts, but i would expect it to sound great and be alive and dynamic in a medium sized room.

if i were making a list of non-darTZeel amps i would consider personally, it would include any Lamm, particularly the ML2.1, any Airtight, the AN Kegon, any Tenor, most Atmasphere's, any Wavac, and even some of the digital amps. there are likely a few solid state amps i should include but none come to mind at the moment.

the neurality and ease of driving allow the Evolution Acoustics to serve most any taste.

at some point i plan on adding some sort of SET to use on the Evolution's when the mood strikes me; but it seems i always have a use for dollars in other places....
I've heard them sound great with Spectral amp/pre/cdp, as well as Dartzeel. Pretty damn impressive speaker every time. Just about the only thing I wish I could afford to buy. Yeah, it would be fun to hear them with my Atma-Spheres...Cheers,

I also use the EA MM2 with the Dart amp, but have also tried them with Krell and ASR Emitter II amps and these speakers sound excellent with them as well. These speakers are extremely well designed and present an easy load to drive so that you can pick just about any amp to drive them... just pick your favorite flavor and go.
As much as I hear that these speakers don't need much power to drive them, I believe you need, certainly more than 100W, to play them load enough to enjoy Rock music. So I found Dartzeel Amp to run out of steam with in this situation. I am specifically interested in knowing what other SS Amps are good match with these speakers. It seems to me that one needs about 200W to get these speakers sound really good with Rock music. Any thoughts?
try the lamm 2.2 which is a hybrid amplifer with plenty of power....I used to own it and love it......mine had some quality control issue but the sound is yummy....I know have the dartzeel amplifier with the mm2 speakers and am suprised to hear you think it cannot play rock music well.....what cd player or tt are you using cuz you should be able to rock out real well....
I personally have never experienced the darTZeel running out of steam with the Evolution Acoustics speakers whether Rock music or full orchestral.

Other amps I have used with the MMThree's:

ASR Emitter II Blue Exclusive
Jeff Rowland Model 6
Jeff Rowland Model 9T
Tenor 150HPS
Tenor 300HP
Ayre V-1XE Evolution
Atma-sphere MA1MK2.3
Atma-sphere MA2MKIII
Assorted Audio Research
MBL 9007
Nagra MPA
Viva Verona XL

There are countless more that I just cannot remember right now, but if it is important to you, I will list others.

If you want to contact me offline, I am happy to talk more openly with you.

Jonathan Tinn
Mikeaudio, those of us with the MM3/MM2/dart are curious about your comment;

As much as I hear that these speakers don't need much power to drive them, I believe you need, certainly more than 100W, to play them load enough to enjoy Rock music. So I found Dartzeel Amp to run out of steam with in this situation
maybe describe the music and some specifics about what did or did not happen. i'd love to try that same music in my very large, well damped room and see what happens. i can tell you i've played AC/CD, Led Zep and lots of other very agressive rock at concert volume levels in my room for large groups of people and the whole room was alive and real. the dart just rolled along.

i can get the 'eyes' on my dart to 'blink' very very occasionally when i'm doing 'warp 9' at about 110db on torture test tracks......but never in any actual musical situation. and even then; there is no hardness or edgyness evident.

i would agree that having more headroom might be beneficial very occasionally; but not at the expense of losing all the other unique attributes the dart alone brings. but maybe that's just me.....others may choose many more megawatts and less refinement.

Please comment on how/what OTLs and Atma-Spheres in particular do vs. others when paired with the Evolutions. Cheers,

Evolution Acoustics Speakers will work beautifully with MBL
9008 Mono Amps. These Mono Amps run at a steady 440 Watts and peak out at 2500 watts. When I matched the MM2s with the 9008s in my stereo room, I found that the MM2s to work comfortably well with the 9008s whether listening to music on a loud decibel level or for quiet, soft listening on my full-length sofa in my stereo room. I found the sound to be
deliciously clean and robust when played on a louder level and just as clearly defined but on a softer level when I wanted to the enjoy the delicacy of music to gently relax me to sleep.