Amp matching for PMC (small room setup)

Hey all,
Need some advice on which path to go with.
I was pretty happy with my setup: NuWave DSD DAC -> Exposure 2010S2D -> PMC DB1i, using the tape out to a Lehmann BCL headphone amp.

I can’t really fault the sound, it was very much to my liking. The main issue was that this is used as a nearfield setup, with both the headphone and integrated amp on a rack beside my desk. The int. felt like it was overkill, as I will always have one source, and I was going back and forth between the two alot.

I was hoping to simplify my setup (and "upgrade" in the meanwhile), by selling the exposure and lehmann, for a Bryston BHA-1 as a headphone amp/preamp, to a power amp.
The exposure sold fast (I hope I won’t regret it !!), and in the meanwhile I have decided to hold on to the lehmann (which can also act as a single source preamp) and postpone the BHA-1.

So, the "paths" I thought of are:
1) Try out class D - Bel Canto Ref500s, wyred4sound st-500mk2
2) Bryston as a natural partner to PMC: 3B SST, 2.5 SST2 or similar
3) Trade-in my NuWave DSD to PS Audio for the new Stellar Preamp/Dac + Amp combo.
4) Try a different integrated, just because I saw some interesting options: Bryston B100 SST (from 05), Yamaha A-S2000 or Plinius 9100.

What do you all think would be the proper next step?
Get a different int. defeats the purpose of selling the Exposure in the first place, but if the headphone amp is as capable as the lehmann, then that should be fine as well.
Budget is around $1500

Thanks !!
Well, the amp I used as a headphone amp + integrated amp was a Decware Mini Torii (I have since upgraded to the Decware Torii Jr.). That said I think if you want something that is a little more laid back, this might be the ticket.

It clocks in right around your budget:

It is a very musical amp that I think would fit nicely with your setup.

What are the dimensions of your room? I know you're listening near field but I am just curious.

Hi Ron, that is an interesting suggestion. I had not taken tubes into consideration, and am not familiar with Decware.

The room is approx 10x15 ft

In the spirit of tube suggestions, there a few interesting Rogue Audio listings currently, if anyone has input on that