Amp match for dali Helicons 800 Mk II

Hi guys I have been trying plinius 9100 and parasound A21 , JC2 with this speakers they dont think to match this gear, any advice please!

I am new to this level of audio, so guidance highly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot in advance.
1)Maybe those speakers are not for you
2)Maybe you want to treat room or get digital EQ
3)Maybe you'd like tubes
Most people would really like that set up is a decent sized room.All are good components.
Talk yo your dealer and see if they have a good 60-120 watt tube amp.
What don't you like about the sound you're getting?

I owned the 400s and much preferred them with tubes in the chain somewhere; I found them a bit "hot" otherwise. A friend now owns them and is using a Plinius amp with a Cary pre-amp and it's quite nice.

If your room has a lot of reflective surfaces, you might have to work to tame these, but you can.

Don't they image like mad?
I don't know if this will help you but in another forum a very serious audiophile powered his Dali Helicons 800s with a pair of Kavent P-2200 monoblocks. Before that he powered them with a pair of Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks. For beautiful speakers like that I'd try to score some vintage Threshold SA/1 monoblocks to power them.