Amp match for B&W 685s

Current System:
Cambridge Azur 640C CD player
B&W 685's
B&W stands weighted with lead shot
Speaker wires (unsure of from audiophile store). They are 3 cables weaved.
Onkyo TX-SR 507
Speakers are bi-wired.

I'm in the market for an integrated amp to improve the system. I'd like to go with tubes or hybrid. From what I've read, I'm thinking Jolida or Cayin. Any opinions? What sort of power do I need for the B&Ws? They're rated at 88db. I'm hoping to buy something used for under $1000. Could go up to $1500. Listen to variety of music. Looking for warmth and depth.

You can go vintage, try the Sansui AU-517 or the Marantz 1060.
Used PrimaLuna ProLogue One
I used a Primaluna PL2 with some BW 602 s3's and i wasn't thrilled with the sound ( i know they are not exactly the same speakers). It was too dull, the BW's sound much better with my Cambridge HT receiver. So i wonder if SS is better than tubes with these. ymmv
Naim works superbly with those. So does the new Rotel at 60 watts. You really need to address the whole system though and not just an amplifier. Cables are HUGE in getting a system to sing and the wrong ones can simply make a system wrong no matter what else you happen to introduce into it.

THe 685's have a different tweeter than the 60X series that matches better with tube amplification, and the 685's are fairly efficient. With that said, the PL2 has more juice than the PL1, so Bluemtnman should consider your experience carefully.

If you could swing a new Naim Nait 5i, that would be very good, and would work well with your CD player. Depending on your tastes, the new Cambridge 650A would also make for a dynamic combination with the CDP and the B&Ws.
I have the 685's with the Cayin A50T and am very impressed with the sound. Not enough power for Triod mode (to drive the speakers due to sensitivity) but it really sings in Ultra Linear mode. Pretty sweet rig for the price.