Amp match for a paradigm signature s2 system


I am new at this and would welcome your kind and experienced advice.
I currently have 5.1 paradigm signature s2 system (or at least migrate towards one , still need the center). Will use 70% movies - 30% music.
Still on the fence on a good (probably used processor). I have two questions: one amp related the other processor related.
Most of the owners of the Sig series recommend a “nice” amp to pair with. Maybe the speakers are that good :-)
I have read enough on amps to understand that there are a lot of opinions and sometimes subjectivity on what constitutes a very good amp. My budget is up to 1.5k for a 3 or 5 channel USED amp.
i have seen a lot of mcintosh in that range for sale, but i understand that given their age (hence the low price), I may be in for a high repair bill pretty soon.

Q1. Is their a used good value McIntosh, krell, classe that ever approaches the 1.5k mark and still have some life in it?

Is Anthem in the same league as the above names?

Q2. Does the processor “color” the sound, meaning that if I pick “the wrong” processor with “the right” amp it will all go down the drain?
Most of the people recommend anthem amp + anthem processor as a good pair for the sigs, but i may not get there in terms of price and may mix brands for amp and processor. Any no-nos?

Thank u in advance for you advice!
tencijup, For around $1200 you can buy a MC7100 but this is only a 2-channel McIntosh amp. Call Audio Classics, try and find a MC7104 (2/3/4 channel) they might have one for around $1500.

Matt M

Anthem is a sonic match for Paradigm speakers.

Happy Listening!

a Krell Showcase 5 or 7 should be on your short list.. I used to own one and liked it very much, especially for movies.. very detailed, lots of bass, midrange and treble good.. only issue was when I turned it up real loud the treble became annoying.. but that was way up there.. I had the Paradigm Studio 60's, 10's, and matching center (all V5) with the metal dome tweeters.. right now I have Signature 2 v3 and Classe CA2200 amp and like the pairing very much
In your budget range I would look at a Marantz,NAD or Harman Kardon AV Receiver,all offering the perfect blend of warmth and detail for Paradigms...
Also I remember reading that all Paradigm speakers are voiced in an Anochoic Chamber and most listening rooms were not properly treated to take advantage of what Paradigm brings to the music room...