amp match

I have it down to these two so if anybody has an opinion I'd love to hear it. Speakers are Aerial 10T (hope to replace with 20T one day). Plinius,either 102 o2 250 OR McCormack DNA 500. I would like to make monoblocks eventually. I also listen to a 5.1 system much more than 2 channel. Center is Aerial CC5. thanks
Probably the Plinius 250. I say this speculating on "matching" with the Aerials -- not personal ownership. This said, I also "like" the Plinius:)
I dont know either amp.

However, the Aerial 10T impedence drops down to a nasty 3 Ohms, and is very reactive, in the mid-range.

The speakers are also Power Hungry.

So choose a high current amp, with atleast 200 Watts into 8 Ohms
Hate to throw yet another 'contendah' into the ring, but before you decide, try to listen to Nuforce Reference 9 monoblocs. I went through an extensive power amp search for over 6 months, including the Plinius and McCormack models, and ended up with these for my Audio Physic Virgo IIIs. They are spectacular, very musical, ultra transparent, and a tough load doesn't bother them at all - they even drive my old Ohm Fs! Lots of +++ reviews, and only a little over $2k or so. Worth a serious listen! Can you tell I like them a little?
Good luck!