amp make discharge noise

Every time I turn off the amp, I get a discharge noise. I have a Adcom GFA-545 II. Does anyone have similar problem with this model? thanks alot
Have heard it on my dad's rig with Classe amps.
I don't have this amp but you might try changing to an unused input before powering off.
I had the GFA-555 and it did this every time you turned it off. It sounded like a little squiggle type of sound but I was told by Adcom that it was normal.

I also have an old GFA-555 that still sees action and it has always that has always done the squiggly sound thing at shutdown. I was also told by Adcom that it is normal. If I remember correctly lowering the volume seemed to make it less obvious. I just leave mine on 24/7 anymore so the squiggle is gone.
Thanks for your responses.