amp is hot!!!! Help!!!!

I am using the Yamaha eq50 between my Acurus ACT 3 preamp and Acurus A200 stereo amp. I've noticed now that my amp gets pretty hot even at low volume gain on the eq. Whats wrong??? The output impedence of the eq is 1.8k ohms and the input impedence on the amp is 20k ohms. Is this ok???? Thanks in advance, Ricky Hunter [email protected]
You did not mention where the EQ was set. I would assume you placed it in the audio chain to alter the tonal balance. If that is so, be aware that for every amount of boost you apply to the EQ in the frequency response, you are "turning up" the power requirement of your amp at that frequency. Depending on the EQ slope design of this product, first and second order harmonics on either side of the band are effected to some degree as well. Lets say you have the bass turned up six DB plus, in that case, your amp is now producing three times or more the output at that frequency as it was before you inserted the new toy. As your amp is required to work harder, particularly at low frequencies, it will produce more heat as a by product. This may or may not be a problem with long term use.
Thanks Albert!!! This sounds like the answer. Yes, the main preouts on the preamp go into the eq and then the line out on the eq goes into the amp.
Albert, Is there another way to wire in the eq w/out a direct line out to the amp? In other words, can I loop the eq in the preamp without hooking into the main channel preouts??? Thanks in advance, Ricky Hunter [email protected]
Yes, you can route the EQ through the tape monitor of the preamp instead of running the preamp into the eq and then into the amp. No matter where you put the EQ at within the system wiring though, the end result will be the same. You either need more efficient speakers that have a tonal balance that suits your needs or a LOT more amplifier than what you currently have. Sean >
Sean has hit it, the same point I was making. The issue is not the place in the system the EQ resides, but rather the fact that the equalizer has a huge effect on the power required to drive your speakers. You are not necessarily doing wrong, but it would be better if you achieved good tonal balance by equipment selection and tweaks. The end result would be cleaner, lower distortion, and less fatiguing than with the EQ added to the signal path.