Amp: Integrated - Used; - Sub $750 Help :-

Hi All --
Been reading through all the threads and every situation is so specific I figured I'd post up and see what people think :-)

I have:
B&W 601 on stands
just bought - Rotel 1072 CD
running through old Marantz 2220B

I would like to upgrade the amp - it is a bit muddy and I think the speakers/CD can sound better based upon the 685's I have in my main A/V system (integra 7.8)

I have been looking and am getting confused and don't want to turn this into an epic buy and replace search.

I listen to a wide variety of music so I need something versatile. I really like 3d soundspace (as I'm sure everyone here does!)

There is the NAD C352 - but I don't like the cheap feel to it.

There is the Arcam Diva A75 - but I read that it is boring and that scares me.

There is the Rotel - I have a line on a RX-1052 for $500 - which is a receiver but I'm sure sounds good - leaning towards this?

There is the cambridge - 540v2 and the 640 - which seems to be liked ...

So -- I would appreciate input / help. I don't mind waiting a bit to find the right amp - but I am pretty excited to get things in good working order! (I'd like to pry the 685's off the movie system - but my wife wouldn't be too happy - and she's green lighting this! one step at a time!)

thanks a bunch
Musical Fidelity, Creek, YBA
YBA is hard to beat at this price.....
Luxman 491 hybrid with upgraded preamp tube will make the B&Ws sing. An English made Onix 60 or 120 is also very nice. You didn't mention musical tastes and the English audio tends to not do so well with badly recorded rock material. Good luck.
Audio Refeinement complete would be my choice. I have used this integrated with the B&W CDM 1NT's with great success. Granted, that is not the speaker you are using, but it is the same brand.

I think your rotel receiver selection is a good one. I have been looking quite hard at this unit lately. I've owned the audio refinement 6 other times, so I don't really want to go back to it. I like the fact that the rotel is two channel only, and offers a tuner. I still listen to a ton of radio. Plus the fact that it is 100 wpc leads me to believe it would not have much trouble driving most stand mount speakers. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but I do not believe your speakers fall under them.
The Rotel is a good choice, I owned the RX-1050 and thought it was very good at it's price. The Audio Refinement Complete is a great choice, if you could find one.

The other amp I've owned that I think is a real bargain in that price range is the Onkyo A9555. It's powerful, very well built and sounds quite remarkable at its price. If FM isn't pretty important to you I would buy the Onkyo over the Rotel. It's available for $480 from amazon with free shipping or refurbished for $400 from accessories4less.

I agree with you about the NAD gear. I've bought both the L-70 and L-53 for my daughters and had reliability problems with both. The ergonomics are pretty bad, as well.
I've had no reliability or ergonomic issues with my NAD T162/C272s combo. Great sound for the price (although this is not an integrated solution).
Thanks all -- once again this forum is a real help! Not sure which way I'll go - so anyone who wants to please chime in!

I've owned the Jungson JA 88C for about 3 years now. Incredible build quality for the money along with great sound. Mine was a serious upgrade from the Audiolab 8000A I was using. Very minimalist, though, but does come with a remote. These amplifiers have generally been compared quite favorably to those up to the $2,000 mark.

I have no affiliation with the seller above. Just a happy Jungson owner.
I am debating between the YBA and a rotel 1052 Receiver .

The YBA sounds like it offers up a very nice listen - while what I have read makes the rotel sound a bit brash?
I do like that the Rotel is a bit less $, has a phono stage & tuner as I listen to records and the radio (though I do mostly internet radio nowadays).

Can I pick your brain as to thoughts?

Thank you very much for your time.
I would buy a Rega Brio. One seller here on Agon has NOS Original's for $350. This would be my choice. Add a seperate tuner (such as a vintage Sony, Yamaha or older Rotel tuner such as the RT-850A.) It will sound so much better than a Receiver. No comparison.
I like the Onkyo A-9555. You can get it new w/warranty from Amazon for around $474, or B-stock from for $400.

I like it better than the Rega Brio, the Cambridge 540 and 640, I like it at least as well as a 3x as expensive Musical Fidelity or Creek. The Outlaw RR2150 doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. It puts out a healthy 85/170 wpc into 8/4 ohms. It is shockingly quiet, especially at its price, and can output instantaneous peaks up to 80 amps, making it sound like a bigger amp than it is. Its way with low level details has been described as tubelike by the big audio mags, and it has a smooth treble and transparent midrange. It has far more balls, clarity, and extension than you'll get in this price range from the sub-$1K Brit integrateds and it will definitely show your B&Ws who's boss.

I have been living with mine for 3 months and like it better than ever. Put a good power cord with it and give it 100 hrs to break in. With Amazon's 30-day home trial period you absolutely can't lose.

I meant to include this Stereophile review of the Onkyo A-9555 in my post above.
There is a great little integrated on agon. Uses EL-34's. This little amp can really make magic and is much more powerful than it has any right to be. I used to sell a lot of them until they were discontinued.
Here is the one on agon.

Jump on it.