Amp ideas for Soliloquy SM2a3 speakers

Looking for amp suggestions to pair with these babies. They sound pretty good with my TAD monos but I read they may be better served by low power tube amps. What is your experience?
They were designed for low powered SET's. Personally, I find them a little on the "mellow/soft" side. I'd connect them to a lively little amp. Maybe EL34's will have more bite than some 2A3's?
Never heard the speakers, but when I purchased Cary 2A3SE monoblocks Dennis Had suggested them to me as an excellent match. My recollection is that there was some tie-in between Soliloquy and Cary in development of those.
I recently bought a little Glow Amp 1 for a headphone amp, but decided nto try it with the sols and the combo was great. The soft nature of the sols was balanced by linearity of el 84 tube and result is really nice. You can't play them at rock music levels but the sound you get is very balanced because the high nominal impedence the sols...very nice in the room type midrange..I love the el84 power tube
Soliloquy speakers were originaly owned , designed and built by Dennis Hadd to work with his Cary amps . He later sold the company and it was successful for a few years . It was sold again to an employee of Monster Cable . It has now died . Too bad as they were decent speakers for entry level tubes .

Happy Tunes .