Amp help - too many choices for B&W PM1s

Hi. I have moved back to 2 channel (kind of - still have a centre and a PV1 sub running from my AVR) - but have music running into my B&W PV1s from a Belcanto C5i - and use HTB through that for movies.

I have been looking at some amp options and started with a Cambridge A851 that retails new for about $2200 USD in NZ but thought that I might get better for my money if I looked second hand.

I found two options thus far being Nuforce 9se v3 (about 1 year old) for $1700 USD or a Jeff Rowland Continuuim 250 for between $3100 US and $3900 (it's an auction).

Will either / both of these work well with my PM1s (84db)? If both which should I go with and why? If I went with the Nuforce could I use my BelCanto as a pre-amp effectively.

Also am running 3metre MIT AVt2 cables.

Thanks in advance. Any and all help really appreciated.