Amp help for Paradigm ref 100 before I go insane

It's come down to either a B&K 7250 or Rotel RMB 1095. I've done some research and I'm still confused. If anyone has any experience with one of these combos, PLEASE HELP.
Any and all input is appreciated, Thank You. Chrisrn
Can't comment on either specifically, though it was Rotel electronics running the 100's when I fell in love with them. Might want to mix some tubes in there somewhere. Mine are in the preamp- Melos 111B. I am currently using a Sonograph A400, which replaces an Acurus A250. Enjoy.
Are you buying new or on AudiogoN? If new, take your speakers to the store and demo each amp. I wish I had.
I also have the 100's. I don't know about the B&K and the Rotel but make sure that you have at least a good 200 watts of solid state. They need power to really sing.
I agree with Tentrek. I own a pair of 100's and for the first 2 years I didn't know what I was missing. As soon as I upgraded my amp and fed these babies the current they thrist for they actually gave me goosebumps.

In the case of the Paradigm 100's more power is better!
Also agree on the 200 wpc.
Both of your choices churn out 200 watts and that really is what the 100's need. The Rotel is built like a brick sh*t house and is high current -- I would go with that, but try to listen to each before deciding. Most dealers will allow you to try them at home

You might also want to look at a used Bryston ST or new SST (Stereophile class A)-- I'm not sure what any of them run price-wise so the Bryston's may not be in the ballpark.
I have the 100's and the sound when running from my Onkyo surround receiver was anemic. I bought an Anthem MCA-20 which is owned by Paradigm and love the improvement it made. This amp is 225 Wpc and has an auto on feature that senses when it receives a signal and switches on - cool. The MCA-50 is the five channel version of mine. A Stereophile report stated that the two channel RB-1080 was a bit lacking at lower volume levels and this might apply to the RMB-1095 as well - you may wish to check into it. I don't notice any lack of oomph at low volume with the Anthem. With the new amp my bass firmed up big time and the dynamics were improved immediately. Soundstaging was also improved greatly - both side to side and front to back. A good power cord on the amp will help greatly as well - check out . The rest of the folk here are right though... lots of power and lots of current and you'll be happy.
I have McIntoshes on my 100.2s and just love the combination. These speakers can sound remarkable with good electronics. I am very impressed with them and each time I audition other ones, I come home happy with what I have - a very nice feeling! I have not heard either of your amp possiblities but I feel the 100s will make either of them sound great. Sorry I am no help - I just had to comment on these lovely speakers. Arthur
Can't say on the exact amps but in general Rotel is smooth in the highs and has a full sound. B&K did not seem to be up to the sound quality on Rotel in general.
I would still be worried about the Rotel being too bright even with the new version 2 (or 3) Paradigm tweeter and would definitely audition first.