Amp Help for an amature

I am in a bit of a bind about what amplifier to buy. I have a budget of about $1000 and have a few choices lined up. The problem is that because of location I have to rely entirely on suggestions and opinions’ seeing as there is nowhere that sells these products near me. I have narrowed it down to these:

Antique Sound Labs WAVE AV-25 25wpc mono block amps with a few cap upgrades

Dynaco ST-70 full blown upgrade

McCormack DNA-125 possibly with a Rev C or B if I can afford it

The Ella kit

I don’t know where to go from here really, if anybody has any comments good or bad about any of these or any other ideas please let me know. I will be Using this with the Tube output Njoe Tjoeb CDP. It has an internal volume control and is my only source so I am less worried about a pre-amp but am thinking about the Bottlehead Foreplay pre or the pass labs entry pre.

Thanks so much
Eric Baer
All of those amplifiers have merit. It would help Audiogon members if you included your choice of speakers, how large your room is and how loud you like to listen.
Albert is, of course, spot-on...and I'd like to know your shoe size as well.
Also Eric, can you prove you have never taken payment for listening to
high-end audio gear? We need to verify your amateur status before we
go doling out that kind of invaluable information to just anyone claiming
to be an 'amateur'. If this information gets into the wrong hands, why I
shudder to think of the consequences.

why I shudder to think of the consequences.

What else could we expect from a shudder bug?
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Boy is this thread a contrast from some of the recent wars. Just the thing to lighten up a long day. thanks.
I am going to post here, 'cause I'm considering two of the three amps listed...

I have JM Labs Chorus speakers (The 715s...2&1/2 way floor standers). I am going to add a subwoofer, so I am not too worried about 'bass slam'. They are 91dbs efficient, but impedence does drop down to 3.4 ohms (as stated by the documentation) Does this limit my choice(s)?

I have a 13x16 foot room. I like to listen to everything, save twangy country. I have a Denon reciever that I'm currently using, but would like to experiment with tube amplification. I'm thinking a set of ASL Waves or 8s, OR a Dynaco ST 70. The price seems right, and all lend themselves to upgrade modification.

Any ideas?
The DNA 125 paired with some sort of tubed preamp down the road would serve you well for a long time to come. If you do not have funds for the preamp, and just want to have one source, get a pair of Ultimate Attenuators to attach to the DNA 125 and you will have a pairing made in heaven. DNA 125s will cost you easily over 1K, and a pair of Ultimate Attenuators, you need to buy new, $350....very difficult to get used. This combo will be good for a long time to come even when you change speakers.

The ASL amps are not up to standards in build and power, as are many of the seemingly good buys in tubes power amplification that come from China.

I suspect that the Ella set is also made in China.
Hey, what's with the steady stream of Dynaco amps for sale? Are people modding and upgrading these things nowadays for resale, and if so, what kind of music do they make? Are they in general reliable and how does one go about repairing one?