Amp help Anthem P5 and Proceed HPA2/3


I am replacing my loved Proceed AVP2 with an Anthem Statement D2 and I also purchased the Anthem P5. I currently have Proceed HPA 2 and 3. Should I replace both Proceeds and just use the Anthem P5 or should I use the Proceed HPA 2 to run the left and right fronts? Or should I use the P5 to run the center, and left and right fronts..or some other combination or no combination :) They are running Dynaudio Confidence C2s and Confidence center and Dynaudio rears with a REL Storm sub. Thank you for any assistance.
If your D2 can process everything independently, I would bet the D2 is going to probably sound the most balanced. Setting-up both options may be best to make the best decision. I'd adjust each for room correction, and listen for an extended time (at least a weekend for each) while adjusting EQ, delay, sub, etc. Repeat soundtracks between systems and evaluate all functions - disks, tuners, etc.

Have a couple friends with critical ears listen, too.