Amp for Wilson Watt Puppy 7

Looking to owners of WP7's out there for opinions on which amp to purchase for these fabulous transducers. Open to any and all takes. Is in the context of home theater and music around 50/50. I'd like to be able to take advantage of their ability to do 3D imaging, so tubes are in strong consideration. ARC and VTL seem to be high powered which they may like. Also, anyone with BAT 6200's , Plinius or Theta other powerful but delicate amps running? Also, can SET's or low powered tubes do the job??? There's a tasty LAMM ML1 available now ;>)

Let it rip...
At CES this January, I heard them with the Lam 18wpc single ended ML2 amp, as well as the ML1, and I thought the ML2-System 7 combination both surrounded terrific and better than the ML1. IMHO - I would prefer the ML2. I thought it also sounded better than the high-powered VTL-System 7 combination - also demonstrated at CES. Definitely worth a listen!!! Good luck!
I heard them on CES two years ago with VTL MB450. Triode and Tetrode switching were demoed as well. Higher power was more beneficial probably due to the huge room size where they were demoed.
I'd go for minimum 100W per side to play these speakers.
Wow! That wasn't my experience with the Lamms!
I'm using a single BAT VK-75SE with WP 6's. Sounds pretty great to me, and I've heard plenty of good systems. I like tube amps with the WP's.

So yes, lower powered amps can do the job, besides the big solid state amps. Not sure If I would go much lower in power than what I have, also this bat amp has tons of current. I had a BAT VK60 before the 75se, it sounded great until the 75SE showed up. Much tighter bass, bigger stage, better depth and detail.

Part of this depends on the rest of your setup. The WP's really show what's upstream and where they are placed in your room.
Try Atma-Sphere OTL amps. I had WP6 with Atma-Sphere MA1 and all I can say is WOW!
I don't own Wilson's, but, I have always enjoyed Krell with Watts/ Puppies. An amazingly real presence.
I've heard WP7s with VTL 450s, Boulder 1000 series, Krell FPB and Lamm ML1s, and to my ear the Lamms were the most natural and enjoyable of the group. The VTLs were very good, but ultimately not as refined as the Lamms. The ML1s have more power than you'd expect from their rating, I wouldn't worry too much about their power unless you have a giant room. ML2s would be the better amplifier compared to the ML1s in a perfect world into a speaker that can let them shine (and Romy would tell you, and I think quite rightly, it has to be even more sensitive than the WP7), but unless you really listen in a small room at very low levels to smaller scale music you won't ultimately be able to extract everything they have to offer and could be left wanting for that additional power you get from the ML1s (particularly in a home theater setting). One other possibility would be the ARC Reference 300s, Mk II, which sounded surprisingly sweet and listenable to me on the WP6s, but I haven't heard them on the 7s. Good luck on your quest!
You may want to contact Mikey Fremer at Stereophile. He just reviewed them but he had many high end amps on hand that he did not mention in the review along with the Halcros, his MF amps, Pass mono blocks, Musical Fidelity new mono blocks, etc. I heard then with the Pass monos and they kicked aces but I think Mikey may have preferred some other amps to the Pass. He liked them almost enough to buy them and I think he feels that they are the second best speaker he has heard in his own system.

Happy Listening.
I own WP7's and have been enjoying them immensely with Ayre K1-x pre/phono and the Ayre V5 125w SS amp. I have them in a 18 x 15' room. this combo (with Goldmund 18d uni player or my SME 30/2a + helikon as sources) is just amazingly lifelike, dynamic and delicate while also having a nice punch. I also own a krell FPB 300cx, a marantz 8b ( re-issue) and some jadis defy 7 monos and will spend time with those on the wilsons shortly to see what else plays well w/them. i heard these and dumped my Sonus Faber Amati Homages for them. those speakers - loved them - these ? love their all-around abilities ( can rock/jazz w/o breaking a sweat - where the amatis would start to get lost in the music).. they remind me of the best of my old Aerial 10t's mixed with the speed of Martin Logans.. i know, you weren't asking that but i'm listening to a mofi disk right ('girl from ipanema') now and just loving it ( and it's sunny outside !) - Kevin
My room is overall 40x50 and fairly choppy, i.e. not symetrical in nature and smaller than that in the listening area. There is a pool table now in the optimal spot for listening, so unfortunately, I either have to shoot out of one corner into the room, or carve out a piece of the room and shoot into the short side, which would work better for room aesthetics.

This is why I'm not sure lower powered tubes would work. The room is quite large. I do have very pleasant recollections of Lamm ML2's running Martin Logan Statements, and have to say that the Peter Gabriel live CD that was playing was at low volume but very, very believable, natural and much like he and his band sounds live. I'm also very curious about the BAT VK 60/75 and how it gels with W/P 7. Anyone hear this combo at one of the recent shows (CES?).

Bryans, Atma-Sphere amps were my very first thought, as they can sound awesome, and I can imagine quite synergistic with the Wilsons but after owning another OTL, and discussing with those manufacturers, the 4 Ohm impedance may (possibly)be limiting how the low end reproduction and dynamic range behave was my overall impression (?)

Kevin, Ayre is an amp I'm interested in checking out, possibly their new x? surround amp. There was a nice review in TPV on it and sounded like a winner, if a little expensive and restrained on high end openness. The other amp was the BAT 6200 and Plinius Odeon multichannels. All supposed to be somehwhat tubelike and refined.

Bigkidz, do you have the email address?

The Music Reference RM-200 provides a unique combination of overall liquidity, clarity, dynamism and frequency extension. I have auditioned these speakers with a bevy of amplifiers (e.g. Spectral, Levinson, Halcro, Hovland, Jadis, Audio Research, VTL, Krell, Rogue, Pass, Berning, Llano and BAT), but prefer the RM-200. Secondarily, but notably, it is built like a tank, and is a fabulous bargain.