Amp for Wadia 860x

Category: Amplifiers

I have a Wadia 860x, and I'm looking for a power amp for it. I don't want to use preamp at all, and I want to use Cardas or Harmonic Technology cables. I use the system in a small room, with monitor speakers (Dynaudio). Which amp is the best choice?
Currently I can select Electrocompaniet AW120DMB, Krell FPB300cx, Krell FPB200s, or Krell FBB200x amp. I can't try them :( Which is the best choice for the Wadia?
Your amp should be a balanced design with XLR inputs, because Wadia sounds better with XLR than RCA. I had my 861 directly connected to the Krell FPB300 and this worked fine.
Other than the requirement for balanced operation I don't think that your amp has to fit the Wadia 860X, it should fit your speakers.